You Are Allowed To Have Bad Days!

It’s a Wednesday. I wake up feeling a little more sluggish than the two days before. My body is tired and my mind is over the day before I even leave bed.  This frustrates me.   I stare at my Facebook and Instagram repeatedly for a solid 30 minutes before I pull myself out of... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish I Could Have Told Younger Me

Your mom is always right. Yep. Believe it or not she was always right. Respect her and do more for her. She deserves it. You are too young to see it, but she is your rock and the person who loves you most.   The heartbreak subsides I know it’s hard to believe right now,... Continue Reading →

To The Person Who Wasn’t Ready

To the one who wasn't ready.. I want to start off with saying that I forgive you. Your choice to not be ready gave me the time I needed to figure out exactly what I was ready for. The problem was at the end of the day it was still you. You knew that and... Continue Reading →

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