• Your mom is always right.
    • Yep. Believe it or not she was always right. Respect her and do more for her. She deserves it. You are too young to see it, but she is your rock and the person who loves you most.  
  • The heartbreak subsides
    • I know it’s hard to believe right now, but this won’t be your last love or your last heart break. I promise you, in due time, this too shall pass. You’re beautiful, strong, and powerful. Realize your worth and do not let this pain destroy you. You will be loved again and whatever is meant to be will always find its way.
  • Stop stressing about what you cannot control 
    • Understand that everything happens for a reason. Have faith in the universe’s plan for you. 
  • Figure out what makes you happiest. You are worth the world.
    • It’s so cliché. You have so many people around you, guiding you. Listen to the guidance but remember you are your own person. Your happiness is the key to life. You have so much more control than you realize! Let go of all of the negative and start finding the positive in everything. Watch things change.
  • Life is meant to be challenging 
    • We were put here to learn and grow. It’s not supposed to be easy.  Know that with pain, growth truly does come. Please stand strong. We’ll make it through all of this.
  • Friends are the most important thing in your life
    • If you’re too busy trying to make people like you, you’ll forget why you liked yourself in the first place. Everyone changes and the people who are your friends now will begin to worry about themselves first too. Focus on you. The friends that are meant to stay, will. You will make the friends you aren’t meant to have forever when it’s time.
  • Embrace being young and having hardly any responsibilities
    • Bills are no joke and more responsibility comes with  more life lessons. Enjoy this part of your life. It’s what being young is meant for.
  • The most important: Keep praying
    • The universe is here to guide and help you. Hold on to that. The universe listens and hears you. Stand tall, greatness is coming.


Older you.

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